State House


State House

Liz Vazquez For Alaska State House

I am running for the open State House seat in West Anchorage that includes the Sand Lake, Kincaid, Jewel Lake and West Dimond areas. I would be honored to serve my community and use my experience, education and skills to improve West Anchorage.

The state of Alaska is facing critical issues that will affect how we live in Alaska for years to come: diversification of the economy: encouraging economic development; maintaining and improving our infrastructure: ensuring reliable and affordable energy; rationalization of the state budget, and better education achieved by meaningful reforms. These issues are better addressed by legislators that have a wide range of experience. I have such experience, which includes familiarity with the following: state and city budgets; state government; energy; health/social programs; judicial/criminal system; and educational & energy issues.

Two years ago I ran for the Senate seat which included this House district. That campaign like this campaign for State House, will be fresh and full of new ideas, from the use of the Segway and Facebook, to advocating for public-private partnerships as a way to build needed infrastructure in South-Central and throughout Alaska. It is the approach that I pursued when I was Chair of Chugach Electric, and which I seek to bring to the State House.

In going door-to-door and canvassing areas that include many different types of neighborhoods, I learned a lot about my fellow residents in West Anchorage. For example, some residents face serious water quality issues that could be fixed by the legislature through the creation of water districts and issuance of long term utility bonds. I have also walked and drove on roads that are like roads in the third world. This too, can be fixed.

I look forward to meeting more residents and discussing the issues that concern them. No matter what the weather is, I will keep going and continue to knock on doors.

For those that supported me in the past, many thanks. I look forward to touching base with you and
having your support again. For those I have not met yet, I look forward to discussing issues with you and gaining your support.


Invest In Your Future
Liz’s Priorities


  • Create a competitive economic climate to sustain Alaskans for years to come
  • Encourage resource development
  • Construction and maintenance of infrastructure that will lead to future economic prosperity
  • Economic diversification
  • Repair & good maintenance of roads
  • Reliable & affordable energy


  • Support educational alternatives, including vocational
  • Expand the availability of programs that have waiting lists

Fiscal Responsibility:

  • Hold the line and provide greater incentives to reduce state spending
  • Increase rewards for employees that suggest lower costs and increase efficiencies