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Anchorage is facing critical issues that will affect how we live for years to come: developing a transparent, accountable, and sustainable budget that is accountable and sustainable; diversification of the economy: encouraging economic development; maintaining and improving our state infrastructure: better education achieved by ensuring sufficient resources are actually provided in the classroom.

Anchorage has turned into a breeding ground for criminals: As a former prosecutor, I will fight crime and hold criminals accountable for their actions. I was the first to coin the term, “Catch & Release” when I vocally showed my disapproval for SB91 on the House Floor.

These issues are better addressed by legislators that have a wide range of experience. I have such experience, which includes familiarity with the following: state and city budgets; state government; energy; health/social programs; judicial/criminal system; and educational & energy issues.

I look forward to meeting more residents and discussing the issues that concern them. No matter what the weather is, I will keep going and continue to knock on doors.

For those that supported me in the past, many thanks. I look forward to touching base with you and having your support again. For those I have not met yet, I look forward to discussing issues with you and gaining your support.

~ Liz Vazquez