If you live in the West Anchorage area that includes the Sand Lake, Kincaid, Jewel Lake and West Dimond then you live in House District 22. You can help Liz Vazquez put her experience to use for Alaska.

House District 22

Liz VazquezI am running for the State House seat in West Anchorage and the state of Alaska that includes the Sand Lake, Kincaid, Jewel Lake, Northern Campbell Lake and West Dimond areas. I would be honored to serve my community and use my experience, education and skills to improve West Anchorage.

The state of Alaska is facing critical issues that will affect how we live in Alaska for years to come: developing a fair and balanced budget that is accountable and sustainable; diversification of the economy: encouraging economic development; maintaining and improving our state infrastructure: ensuring reliable and affordable energy; better education achieved by meaningful reforms and ensuring sufficient resources are actually provided in the classroom. These issues are better addressed by legislators that have a wide range of experience. I have such experience, which includes familiarity with the following: state and city budgets; state government; energy; health/social programs; judicial/criminal system; and educational & energy issues.

These are critical times confronting our community and Alaska. As such, they are better addressed by legislators that have a wide range of experience and knowledge.

I look forward to meeting more residents and discussing the issues that concern them. No matter what the weather is, I will keep going and continue to knock on doors.

For those that supported me in the past, many thanks. I look forward to touching base with you and having your support again. For those I have not met yet, I look forward to discussing issues with you and gaining your support.

~ Liz Vazquez