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No running water and no electricity was a way of life for me growing up in Puerto Rico. I remember washing our clothes by the riverbank with my brother. I went on to learn English as a second language and eventually earned my law degree before becoming a prosecutor. My very humble beginnings are much of my drive in fighting to protect your family’s PFD. I know how much that PFD would have meant to my family. It is my childhood that instilled in me a strong belief that government needs to cut waste and inefficiencies before they take more money from hard working families through taxes, etc…

I am proud of the state I call home today and proud to say I have truly lived the American dream, coming a long way from my early days in Puerto Rico. I will fight for you every day, because I know that a strong economy, good paying jobs and great education will provide the foundations for living the American dream for generations to come.

It would be an honor to serve you. I ask for your vote after receiving your ballots in March for the April 5th Assembly Election.

~ Liz Vazquez