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Crime – I Will Protect Your Family

Most Anchorage residents know of someone whose car or truck was stolen. A friend of mine had his truck stolen twice in five (5) months. Last week a local store clerk told me her truck was stolen and our handyman’s old Jeep was stolen with his tools inside while in a convenience store.

I voted no on SB 91 because I knew as a prosecutor that it would encourage crime. On the House floor I described it as the “catch and release bill”. SB 91 has in fact been a disaster for our communities- it has turned our criminal justice system upside down and has encouraged crime. It is an experiment that is costing the community dearly. I promise to do the following when elected:

1. Support legislation that IGNORES SB91 and replace it with sensible, City-wide legislation.

2. Fight for more resources for the criminal justice system (prosecutors and law enforcement officers). As a former prosecutor, I know that the criminal justice system has been historically underfunded.

The Alaskan Economy

As everyone knows, Alaska is in a recession. We are now in the fourth year of this recession. The leadership in Anchorage has failed us. They have done what they should not do – take away money from the people and tried to impose additional taxes. This has worsen the recession.

The leadership in Anchorage has not done what should be done- encourage economic activity and diversification (growing the pie). The solution for this recession is not new taxes and taking money from the people. The solution is to encourage economic activity and economic diversification. How is this done? the following are just a couple examples:

1. Encourage and promote a stable fiscal environment for businesses and investments. “Business is a coward, it flees uncertainty.”

2. Lead in the creation and maintenance of infrastructure needed for economic development, including responsible natural resource development.

Reduce Property Taxes

On a Philosophical level, I am 100% against property taxes. As your Assembly Member, I will fight to reduce your Property Taxes as all Property Owners received the “short end of the stick” from the “Berkowitz Taxes”.

I Vote on the Merits of Each Bill

I will vote on the merits of each bill. How is it drafted? What will it actually do? I will not vote on the buzz of the moment. I will always oppose well-intended, but poorly drafted, legislation such as SB 91 (the so-called Crime Reform Bill that ended up putting more criminals back on the streets). As a former prosecutor, I knew this bill would be a disaster for our community.

Work Across the Aisles

When possible, I will strive to work across the aisle to benefit the people. The two bills I sponsored and which became law had numerous co-sponsors from both sides of the aisle. As an example, I sponsored HB 234, a telemedicine bill that increased access to mental health services and will improve the health of many individuals. Another example is HB 147, a domestic violence and pet bill that I sponsored. This bill benefits the community.

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